Important! You MUST read these rules before selling in the Classifieds section of the forum.

Selling on the forum is only allowed by existing members who have a 50+ post count or who have donated a minimum of 5 via the donations link.

Make your advert as descriptive as possible. State the item name, condition, price and
postage/collection options.

Photos are compulsory, must be clear and show any marks or damage (the more photos
the better). At least one photo must be included in the same shot as the item for sale and a sheet
of paper including the seller’s forum username and the date of the post.

If any of the above criteria are not met, your post will be deleted.

Finally before you attempt to start a For Sale thread for the first time in this section, you must
acknowledge you have read these rules (A simple reply “read” will do). Failure to do so will
also result in your post being deleted.


The owner of including admin staff accept no responsibility for any transactions
or disputes between members of the forum. See below for some handy hints.

Protect Yourself

As with all purchases there are protection measures you can take:
  • Verify the identity of the seller. Get their name and address, social media details etc. Use services such as to check them out.
  • Use a credit card with a secure online payment service such as Paypal.
  • Don't send money as a gift, you are better protected if you don't, even if it means you pay a little more.

Dispute Resolution

There are a few methods of resolving any disputes:
  • Try resolving in person by making contact with the seller directly
  • Raise a case with the payment processor e.g. Paypal.
  • Raise a dispute with your credit card provider. You can sometimes initiate a chargeback. (You get better rights with a credit card than with a debit card)
  • Money Claim Online aka small claims court, important you have the correct identity of the seller