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'Flexride' Does your Insignia have it? Vote now!

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  • 'Flexride' Does your Insignia have it? Vote now!

    Maybe it is a facelift thing

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    If i park in front of a wall etc and press sport mode, the lights adjust higher.??If i then put it back into normal or tour mode, they adjust lower again after about 20secs.

    If you look carefully when driving you will see the main beam rise at about 40mph to the motorway mode (when not in sport mode)


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      Yep - At illegal speeds, the beam does get brighter...


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        Anyway - Back to Flexride.??I mainly use sport mode, but Tour mode is great for speed humps and rough roads.


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          I'll take a video of it raising and lowering in sports mode later when its dark and put it on here to settle once and for all


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            It doesn't lower the beam pattern in sport mode, it raises:

            1.??Start car in 'normal mode' with lights on.??After the lights finish dancing, they point where they point.

            2.??Turn on sports mode and the beam pattern raises (to motorway mode).

            3.??Turn off sports mode and beam pattern goes back to the position as in (1.) after about 10 secs.

            4. Repeat as above.

            So in my car, Sports mode raises the headlights to motorway mode no matter what speed you are doing.??Other modes on the flexride function as per the manual.

            So you see what i'm saying???If your's isn't doing this, then its different to mine.

            I'm just waiting for Photobucket to upload the video (ignore the first 15 secs, as the headlights were off, so only the DRLs came on) then i'll post the video.


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              My vxr did the same,the lights changed shape at standstill by pressing the said buttons.

              I'm thinking its 12 plates onwards,could be wrong.


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                Here you go:



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                  m8internet, on 01 March 2015 - 08:32 PM, said:
                  You've advised the pattern lowers once Sports Mode is switched off

                  However, mine has never done this

                  Equally, with Sports Mode it is not Motorway mode, that appears once you have exceeded 75mph

                  The AFL adjustment for Sports Mode is due to Self Levelling not being required, so is disabled

                  Forget the motorway mode issue - you get what i mean


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                    m8internet, on 01 March 2015 - 04:50 PM, said:

                    75mph isn't illegal

                    You won't get stopped at the roadside or issued with a FPN by Road Policing for an indicated speed of 75mph (or even 80mph) alone on a Motorway

                    If you did, the CPS / PFS wouldn't even accept it as it's not in the public interest (plus court fines start at 12mph over limit)

                    No it is illegal but not worth prosecuting. The speed limit is 70mph so anything over is illegal.


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                      That's crazy... Being the maximum speed in the uk is 70 anyone over that knows they're breaking the law.


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                        UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) the derestricted speed is 70 mph.?? There's no argumement with that - end of.??Under what precidance did you get then off?