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ultimate mods list!

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  • ultimate mods list!

    Interior LEDs about ?20 Max using eBay

    As well as boot lights

    And number plate

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    Just look at the mods below in my signature if i list them all we might be here till christmas..

    Latest mods, however will be adding some new mods next week though..


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      Or just buy an Irmscher grille, and no badge to worry about. I am not going into fitment of it as it was fun to say the least.


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        Wow you guys are all talented and gifted. I really salute all of you. I wish I was kust like one of you guys.

        Hope one day we shall meet and then you can teach me how to fit and add those stuff.

        God Bless.


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          Cant remember what i bought for the boost gauge.. think not sure changed the 'T' pipe from a petrol to a diesel bought extra.??drilled the pipe next to the ecu and ran the hose through the goblet to the dash, removed the glovebox in the process. it was powered from the ciggy lighter in the centre console. dont have the link anymore for the boosty bits but i still have the link for volt meter

          volt meter :

          pods :

          also bought this little pocket sticks great to the console, drives me nuts with the mobile and e-ciggy where to keep them handy , dead cheap works a treat :

          Thats where the hose goes for the boost gauge, if it helps :


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            Hi Netsky 2

            Where did you get those lovely side indicator light and how much was it please?

            thank you.


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              smirnoff.y2k5, on 25 April 2014 - 06:34 PM, said:
              Cheers Russ. What do you call the part that connects into the boost pipe, is it a 1/8 npt?

              just remember it had to be for a diesel.

              'Boost gauges in a diesel Insignia'...

              Comes into its own after a remap. Having it remapped in the near future.


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                I think it's


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                    Not at all Netsky I just thought that as an ultimate mods list it should be kept as short as possible. In some ways a picture of the mod with a link to the how too could keep the thread cleaner?


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                      But then surely using the same logic, all 'chatter' should be removed from the thread?


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                        I know but then some chatter is useful.. Who knows. I've cleaned it a bit but see what the OP suggests


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                          The chatter was very useful, as it got me the email address that I could not get any other way, and it may have helped others in the same situation!

                          But no worries anyway, it was a bit over the top I suppose!


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                            I`d like some for the back to keep the kids from damaging the paintwork. will the front ones fit on the back or are they too big
                            I want to go out of this world the way i came in...kicking and screaming and covered in somebody elses blood...


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                              They look amazing. How do you make it stick in that postion? Do you use some sort of glue or stick tape?

                              Thank you