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The lost Insignia options

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  • The lost Insignia options

    Thread revival and a half!

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    I think a little hatch type sunroof would have been rubbish but had they done something similar to the panoramic roof that Ford do on the Mondeo estate or the big sliding roof that they offered on the Corsa then it would have looked pretty good. Other half had a Corsa with a sunroof and it was great, was about half the roof and slid back over the back half of the roof and looked pretty good when open. I'm actually considering a Mondeo estate next time around so i can have a glass roof which they do.

    I suspect part of the reason folk havent specced them in the past was the dealers doing their best to put folk off having them as it means a factory order rather than them being able to offload one of their stock onto you. We had an awful experience with Bristol Street in Chesterfield when my other half was considering a brand new Corsa just prior to the new one being launched as once she mentioned she wanted a sunroof they were trying their hardest to put her off it as it meant ordering from the factory rather than offloading one of the old shapes from their stockpile. In fact they were insistent about not doing it and then finally pushed us out of the door by talking utter rubbish about trade in value on the one we were changing.