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Recommend me a WiFi Signal Booster/Range Extender

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    Originally posted by bransoj View Post

    Might be easier to use the powerlines rather than run a long cable through the house\outside the house. Are other houses quite close to you? We had an issue at out old house that was an old semi-detached but even on the detached side the houses were close and routers from other houses were swamping our signal, changing channels helped that. You can this software called Inssider on a laptop to check what wifi signals are broadcasting on what channels and see if anything is swamping yours -

    Do any other devices struggle upstairs or just the XBox? Wondering if it could be just that which has crappy wifi on it so is struggling in which case cabled connection either by a long cable or powerline is the way to go.
    Is this the kind of thing I should be using?


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      Yes they're the power line ones. Good for hard wiring one device to the web

      Or these
      If you can't afford to lose a socket.

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        Originally posted by Vx-Man-G View Post

        Is this the kind of thing I should be using?
        Yep that’s the kind of thing plus you’ll need Ethernet cables to go with them if none are included.


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          So, I have tried the TP Link Range Extender, made the signal even worser.

          So next will be to try the Power Line Adapter. I could to with a 3 pack, so one main, and 2 additional.
          ​​​​​​The TP Link one only offers 2 units.