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    Don't bother. I did do with the Vectra, since then i learnt, and gave up after that . Unless they are a modified version then its worth a look, to see what tw*t is driving that


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      Originally posted by JillyC View Post

      Yeah, its the BT/Openreach thing that makes people want to drive into you. less to do with it being a van...

      i always notice more of the same car i'm driving. its weird how the brain does that!
      Hahaha. No comment!


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        I alway look out for other Insignia's, and what I have noticed since I got mine last year is how many people actually look at mine too, especially other drivers of red one's....I do the same.

        Never had I noticed this when I previously had the flip chip one, then again I used to hide most of the time as that was just a work tool, now I take pride in my ride.


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          I too am fairly courteous on the road. However the very first time I drove our new Insignia Tourer last week, another Sig Tourer passed us in the opposite direction and gave us a nod and a smile so I shall do the same to other Sigs.