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2015 2.0 ctdi (140) clutch and flywheel job

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  • 2015 2.0 ctdi (140) clutch and flywheel job

    Hi guys ,I was towing my caravan last week and going up a hill the clutch slipped slightly so I powered back and it gripped again without problem .After our holiday I monitored it all the way home again towing caravan and it was fine .

    I'm guessing I really need a new clutch and while at it a fly wheel. it looks like a straight forward job to do just loads of stuff to unbolt to get at it etc which is normal on modern cars .

    Have any of you guys done it and did you fit dual mass or convert to solid flywheel ? I think I have time on my side as the caravan is now away for winter and the car drives normally without any noises or pulsing at the pedal etc .

    cheers guys

    Dave ..

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    I got mine done at a garage clutch duel mass kept with duel mass fly wheel only cost me about 750


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      Originally posted by Manofsteel View Post
      I got mine done at a garage clutch duel mass kept with duel mass fly wheel only cost me about 750
      thanks for reply .

      been quoted same but thought id have a bash myself ,i have all the gear tools etc so seems a no brainer to try save 300 quid ish


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        It took the garage at least a whole day 2 do u have 2 drop the Cross member and other stuff they took mine at about mid morning and got it bk next day


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          If u have the time go 4 it


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            I have the time and space so gonna do it . non of it is rocket science (famous last words )just a pain to get to .


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              Good luck


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                If your unsure what your doing, then the subframe needs removed, but we normally just drop it at one end and jam the box to allow access.


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                  Never done it myself, but if you're touching the csc make sure you read all the advice on here about bleeding it, so many get it all back together only to have to do it again because the csc is a bleeding nightmare (pun intended ).


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                    Never done it myself. 2atched plenty of ur man who does them on YouTube. Looks fairly involved to wrestle with car supported on a few stands but yeh doable for a confident diyer I guess and saving 300 is always nice. If I was doing it I'd be sticking with dmf no conversions. Maintain scrupulous cleanliness with flywheel etc and as mentioned make sure csc is bled prior to reinstall. Dropping whole subframe will defo add hours, as others mention an alternative is to stoop just enough to separate box from engine and is prob what I'd attempt

                    Good luck

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                      As DR DREW said the CSC bleeding technique,
                      its like making love to a woman
                      fill it full of liquid
                      Pump it a few times
                      And see what comes out !
                      Its the old "cream pie " technique
                      Though don't go into my local bakers and ask for a "cream pie "
                      I remember someone I knew did that and " big doug the Baker " came out from the back kitchen where he had been fondling a 12"panini, and filling tarts with cream .
                      and told the chap that if he asked for a cream pie again, he would become part of the M25 Lane improvement programme!



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                        Subframe left in place,and on axle stands

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                          Something else to think of while you are under there is the oil pickup seal if the gearbox doesn't have the cut outs to access the sump bolts you would need to split engine and gearbox to get to them, so while it's apart it might be worth doing? I think they're just a few quid.