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Another...potentially the new Insignia post!

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  • Another...potentially the new Insignia post!

    Peugeot have announced their new 408 which will sit between the 308 and 508 and apparently its the same platform used by the Citroen C5-X. Now we know other models in the Stellantis range have shared platforms such as the 208, Corsa and C4 i think it is. Wonder if they may do the same here.

    For what its worth the 408 and C5-X look butt ugly to me but there was the previous report that the next Insignia would be SUV'y type design

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    Yes agree with your view on the c5x and the 408
    looks like they designed the front to be inkeeping with there brand of cars then they ran out of ideas as to what to do with the rest of it.
    so they went down the pub ( or in France its a cafe) got drunk on cheap wine , came back to there design HQ got hold of a crayon and just pi☆☆ Ed around a bit .and volla !
    thetes alot they can do if they are going to be sharing the same platform, so hopefully if they are going to keep the insignia name they design it , properly.
    And dont just turn out another SUV or cross over type car.
    the market is flooded with these type of vehicles. Getting boring.
    Bit like most of the stuff coming from the likes of KIA and Hyundai.