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  • Console fix

    Just picked my car up from local dealer after having the console creak field fix done. On checking my car over found the trim around the gearstick gator loose.

    So back in I went to get the teq who sorted it in a couple of mins. He said the fix consisted of a glue like substance which had to go off. The glue stuff is supplied by Vx.

    Just spent the last 20 mins cleaning grease etc of the plastic trims ( I just couldnt be bothered compaining about that when i would do a better job cleaning it than they would. )

    Ah well, looks like the car will deffo be going to an independent dealer when its time for a service.

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    Only drove it a couple of miles. Plus it only does it now and again, so hard to tell yet. What i will say is normally when you push the trim around the gearstick it moves and creaks, but now it doesnt move at all now or creak.

    So i'm very hopefull.


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      Yes it did mate