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    It's that good then eh


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      Teraclean is supposed to be really good have a friend that had his high mileage 123d done & he swears by it said it completely transformed the car. Never tried it myself mind.
      What I can tell people with diesels my wife included is that if you don't do the mileage, you need to get the car warm & take the car down the motorway in 3rd gear keeping the revs up around 3000rpm to give it chance to clear out the rubbish in the exhaust.
      It may sound harsh, costly on fuel etc. But this is a lot cheaper than a new dpf, egr valve etc.
      I work at a Vauxhall, & to be fair its not only Vauxhalls, any modern diesel engine cannot, & will not last if you potter about around town all the time. They are simply not designed to do it. They are designed to be going up & down motorways & be mileage monsters. The amount of times I have had this conversation I have lost count. To coin & an old phrase "if I had a pound for everytime I said it I wouldn't need to work." 🤣🤣