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Vauxhall through and through... doh!

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  • Vauxhall through and through... doh!

    Out from under the insignia.. into the bonnet of the cabby...
    Been using the astra turbo cabby as daily this year as we moved house last year an now have a shared driveway (hopefully extend the garage this summer to fit 2 cars in) but while I was sorting the insignia I gave her my astra to use...
    This week it stinks of oil and occasional huts for revs when I stop at lights (missis could have put sh@t fuel in who knows) but boost find and drives great but looking around for problems today couldn't see any so now wait to see if anything going on it is completely standard engine just over 80k so it's telling me it needs some love this summer
    Already got new springs and shocks, brakes and bushes lined up but guess I'd better get engine sorted first...