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2017 Corsa starting issue

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  • 2017 Corsa starting issue


    Other half has bought a 2017 plate 1.4 petrol corsa. All seemed fine when viewing/testing etc. however she’s gone to start the car this morning and it wouldn’t start. It would turn over briefly then cut out.

    Once she got through to the garage they said to her that it’s a known problem with corsa’s and that to use a bit of throttle with the clutch down and then the car will start and run fine. This did solve the issue and the car has run fine and started fine the entire day.

    I’ve got no experience with Corsa’s, but this just doesn’t seem right or normal. A quick research online shows something about an engine temperature sensor. Just look for any other experiences or issues on this.

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    Get battery checked. No car with electronic ignition or electronic fuel metering unit ,would require,what the garage is telling her to do .
    the only times would be if the battery was a but sluggish.because by dipping the clutch and foot to the floor you are taking quite a bit of load off the engine because you are disconnecting the transmission. So there’s less power required by the starter motor,thus less power required by the battery.
    QED .



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      Had the battery checked out and all is good. Have been advised to get starter motor and spark plugs checked…