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HELP! Removing Polishing Swirls.

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  • HELP! Removing Polishing Swirls.

    What kind of buffer are you using. If it's a rotary or sander with the wool pad you will feck it up! Are you doing this to your new car? Super Resin won't 'cut' as it's not abrasive but the pad and the friction will marr your paint if you don't know what to do.

    The rule I was taught was

    A) use a DA polisher

    use the least abrasive polish to get the job done

    C) use the pad with the least amount of cutting power

    D) if in doubt don't do it

    Super Resin with a hand applicator should have been sufficient. Then buff off with a MF towel.

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    If you haven't used a rotary I wouldn't go near the car with it. Because the head doesn't oscillate it can burn the paint. Your car shouldnt need a polish anyway. Added layer, layers of wax yes but not polish.


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      Definetly! Get a good quality wax and give it a few coats with a hand applicator pad. Easy on, leave to haze and buff to shine. Leave for a few hours and repeat. Some waxes won't 'take' one coat after another so quickly so just follow instructions.

      How much damage have you actually done.

      Best to see it in sunlight or shine a light on it and take a pic!


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        Easiest way to get into machine polishing is with a DA. You in theory can't damage your paint as it reduces heat build up.

        Buy the least abrasive pad and polish to get the job done.

        I've got a DAS 6 and use Hexlogic pads. You can get pads that polish, cut and finish.

        There's guys on here with much more experience than me who will beable to advise in more detail.

        Wax wise, I really like Dodo Juice products.

        This should do your paint the world of good:-



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          That's a great plan!!!


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            Zeke, on 20 March 2014 - 11:56 AM, said:
            Cheers fellas, I had another look and really isn't as bad as first thought, ordered some manual pads and cloths, definitely gonna hone my technique on the wife's car first, can't really do much damage to that anymore than there already is haha
            I practised on the works vans first, no way was i going to attack my siggy first
            I want to go out of this world the way i came in...kicking and screaming and covered in somebody elses blood...


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              AG SRP won't cut. It will fill the marks you've made. Any basic polish will do the trick. I'm using Sonus restore just now and it's decent! Not the best by any stretch but good enough.


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                Meguiars ultimate polish and compound are great products. I've been using them by hand and results have been good. Once I get my da polisher results should be even better