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Front wiper blade arm problem

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  • Front wiper blade arm problem

    The wiper blade is what distributes the pressure evenly so whatever the force the wiper arm gives is spread out. I'd say time for a new blade

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    ImageMatt, on 20 July 2014 - 09:29 PM, said:
    have exactly the same issue, but also seems it smears on bothe wipers and there new bosch ones bought last week, thinking of having a new screen fitted

    I've the same problem to. The drivers side wiper leaves a smug on the windscreen and makes a slapping noise. I know it's not the blades as I have changed them twice. I'm sure it's the wiper arm that's at fault I want to change the arm to see if it's at fault but can't find any siggy's at some local scrap yards. VX want ?40 for one but I'm not paying that incase that don't solve the problem.