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  • New Valetpro prewash

    I have been looking all over for vp orange prewash in a 5l bottle but most places are out of stock even clean yourcar. Be lucky to even find the 1l bottles. So had a look on Valetpros website and they have an upgrade to the orange prewash.

    The new vp citrus pre wash.

    Double check the labels when ordering because some site say citrus pre wash but have a picture of the orange prewash.

    Just been on juicydetailings website and ordered me some and some vp alloy brushes and collinites 915 wax so if they weather stays nice like today will be doing a review this week

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    I use the citrue pre-wash mixed with a few other pre-washes and a bit of G101
    I want to go out of this world the way i came in...kicking and screaming and covered in somebody elses blood...


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      Do you use it through a snow fance lance? Im planing on just using a pump sprayer. Snow foam lances are good for snow foams. But they drop the concentrations down to much for a citrus degreaser


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        I use the pump sprayer from wilkinsons, as long as its power washed off its as good as a snow foam lance.

        2-3 litres will do a siggy top to bottom. i use autoglym power washer mixed with citrus pre wash, G101 and i bought??8 litres of demon snow foam that i mix together and spray on.
        I want to go out of this world the way i came in...kicking and screaming and covered in somebody elses blood...


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          This one doesn't. Not as aggressive as some TFRs. Just depends what the prewash or shampoo is made from


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            Prewash and snow foam is aimed at removing as much crap before the mitt touches the bodywork. Some my remove wax but this isnt their purpose.

            Prewax cleaners are aimed are stripping wax and sealants but may also clean dirty that is hydrophobic in nature


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              Just gave the pre wash a try and its great stuff. Not quite a touchless wash but not far off either. Drove down to sheffield on nonday from northampton so car was filthy from the crap and rain on the motorway. Plus the bugs that were squashed and dried on the front. Mixed 300ml of the pre wash and made it up to 3litres with water. Sprayed the whole generously. Used about 2litres. Didnt wait long probs about 2mins then pressure washed it all off. Maybe if I left it abit longer then results would be better.??Still very impressed and the stuff smells great