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  • A novice question

    Essentially they do the same job but one tends to be a natural product (Wax) although this varies greatly and the other is a man made polymer based product (sealant). They give different finishes interms if gloss, mirror effect and durability.

    Have a read at this:-

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    sparky the cat, on 09 April 2014 - 08:19 PM, said:
    Yes great wen link....this is going to cost me a fortune, when I've finished off the products which I already own.

    So my last question.....I've started so I'll finish......You have all this stuff on the bodywork, how do you get it off before you you give it a clay bar so that you can start all over again?



    Do you mean removing the old waxes and sealants etc?

    You can get pre wax cleaners which strip all the old products off so you start from a clean sheet. Uses these after claying. Then polish if your car needs it. And apply your new wax or sealants


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      The wax layer is very thin so the clay will still pick up the crap. If you try rubbing wax removers etc before you clay you risk draging the crap over the paint and causing more swirls and micro scratches


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        APC wipe down after claying will also make for better prep of paintwork. Clay takes off pretty much everything.