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Machine polishing newbie.

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  • Machine polishing newbie.

    If your new to machine polishing stay away from rotatry machines. You will damage the paint work. Best to learn the technique with a da polisher. Da polishers work slower and dont focus the polish and heat in one spot for too long. Chemical guys hex logic pads seem to be people favorite. Scholl's polish are highly rated too. Meguiars m205 polish is what I use personally. Have a youtube of it and see the results

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    As above. A DA oscillates to stop heat building up thus stopping you burning the paint. If you're not looking to correct the paintwork ie take out swirls and other defects, then you don't need to polish. A finishing pad a very slow speed will apply your wax/sealant and then buff off with a MF. I've been using a DA for around 2 years and I still wouldn't go near a rotary.


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      Seeing as you want to just keep the car looking by hand and not remove swirls I would recommend the following:

      Citrus prewash used through a pump sprayer or snow foam through a lance (1st options cheaper)

      Wash the car using a sheepskin mitt. Meguiars ultimate wash and wax is my choice of shampoo. Do this every week or two.

      Clay the car. Only has to be done twice a year. Bilt hamber clay or a clay mitt is good.

      If you will be waxing often say once a month use meguiars ultimate liquid wax. Will protect you paint and contains fillers to mask and minor swirls.

      For longer lasting protection use collinite 915 or poorboys nattys paste wax the white one. These 2 will last 4 to 6 months.


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        You should only need to clay the car twice a year at most. In between use your normal wash routine and top up the wax/sealant every 4-6 week or so depending on wax/sealant you are using.


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          A good car shampoo will get most of crap off but the clay will take most off plus the polish you apply after the clay.


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            Ironx will help to clean the paintwork before you start claying and polishing.
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              Try these pads, you wont get cheaper. ??link wont work but if you type in Mainz car care and go to polishing pads its the second page, they are ?2.00 + p+p each for the medium/heavy cutting pads.
              I want to go out of this world the way i came in...kicking and screaming and covered in somebody elses blood...