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Wax: Collinite 915

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  • Wax: Collinite 915

    This is a quick review. Feel free to add to it.

    Bought some collinite 915 from cleanyourcar for 24.95


    For the price I wasnt expecting much in terms of the amount of product you get. Seen tiny pots of wax at halfords so thought it would be about the same size. I was wrong. The tin is big. Will last me a lifetime. Seen reviews saying protection will last 6 months. So gave the car a wash. Didnt clay or do any other prep work. Applied the wax with a foam applicator and waited for it to dry and buffed off with a microfibre cloth. Was easy to apply and buff off. Only did the bonnet as a test. 2 weeks later (today) it rained and the water beading is amazing. Took the car for a drive and the water beam flew off the car. Was fun to watch

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    dsf118, on 20 April 2014 - 07:42 PM, said:
    Another big thumbs up for Collinite 915 the wax lasts ages, I also use the 845 too, I find its not quite as good as the 915 but a lot easier and much quicker to apply as its more of a liquid/paste....... ideal if your feeling a wee bit lazy!.....??(another plus, it can be applied by a rotary too!)
    is that the 845 that's applied with the rotary? Or the 915? Jus wondering because I'll be making collinite my next purchase.


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      Think I'll get the 845 first as the (so called) summer is fast approaching, thanks for your help