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auto glym or meguires

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  • auto glym or meguires

    Am gonna say meguires.. dont get me wrong i like autoglym as well. I just prefer Megs. I guess its like when u buy paint as Ronseals 'It does what it says on the tin' its the same with Megs. Its so easy to apply and the finish result is fantastic.

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    All depends on what you are after. Meg's Tyre Endurance Gel is great as is their Gold Class Shampoo but there are many other makes out there that are miles better. Chemical Guys, Dodo Juice, Collinite, Gtechniq to name a very few.


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      I use a few products from both so I think it's a case of using what you feel gives the best results for your car. Too many to choose from IMHO


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        I use Meg's clay bar kit and find it excellent.


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          bought some megs tyre gel yesterday and think its the best gear ive used on tyres and it smells nice too
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            exclusiv, on 20 April 2014 - 10:07 PM, said:
            bought some megs tyre gel yesterday and think its the best gear ive used on tyres and it smells nice too
            i use auto glym tyre gel but Meg's alloy cleaner


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              Bilberry Alloy Cleaner is superb. Smells great too. Endurance Gel does smell great.


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                The second one looks like sample/small bottles. The first is a decent price. You'd be better buying things separately and getting proper size bottles! Will last you longer.


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                  For anybody who is starting out my list would be.....

                  Shampoo......dodo juice BTBM or Wolfs white satin.

                  Clay mitt from G3....muc-off shampoo is cheap as chips and great for using as a lube for the mitt.

                  Wax....dodo juice supernatural hybrid,,wax and sealant in one.

                  Autoglym fast glass.

                  Megs will need it.

                  Megs ultimate compound.

                  German applicator pads x2



                  Bilberry wheel cleaner

                  x2 buckets and scratch guard.

                  Decent noodle mitt.

                  Drying towels...cant fault the ones from asda to be honest, ive tried some expensive ones and they are no different.

                  Planet polish alloy shine and wheel sealant.

                  Assortment of microfibres.

                  Buffing cloth, i have the Dodo fantastic fur and although its a bit grabby they are good.

                  Sonax brilliant shine detailer.....use this every other wash and watch the car shine and the water behaviour is amazing.

                  If you want to go the whole hog and polish your car get the Das6 pro from CYC...Megs 205 polish is brilliant and will take out most swirls.

                  Hex logis and black to start with.(cutting and finishing)

                  Megs endurance tyre gel.

                  Instead of buying a foam lance try the pump sprayer from Wilkinsons for ?4.00.

                  Power washers and car vacs can be bought from Karcher outlet, they are second hand but you will get 6 months warranty or 12 months if you pay another fiver.

                  Autofinesse spritz for interior

                  Autofinesse revive for exterior plastics...mud flaps??etc

                  This is part of my own collection but theres always something shiney and different to tempt you
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                    Had/have most of the above. ASDA MF are great, and cheap.


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                      Have a look in the detailing section as there are lots of run downs of procedures across different threads. Just remember it's all in the prep work!!


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                        Alfieharley1, on 12 May 2014 - 11:37 AM, said:
                        Wow I'm definetly thinking the top one as I think this will suit my needs. Could some please give me a crash course on the process of car detailing and the products. Noob at this however Abit of a perfectionist and want it to be 100%
                        The clay bar is only 25g and i doubt it will do a full the mitt from G3.

                        The shampoo is decent but has gloss enhancers, you want one with no added wax or gloss........BTBM or Wolfs white satin.

                        Go onto ebay and get a sample pot of dodo juice white diamond wax for around ?6,00..much better than the spray on wax from megs.

                        If you want your car to look good you will have to spend a few quid.....
                        I want to go out of this world the way i came in...kicking and screaming and covered in somebody elses blood...


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                          Power rinse, alloy cleaner applied, wash (2 bucket method) rinse and power wash wheels, clay,??wash again, polish, sealant or wax, alloys sealed, tyre sheen.


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                            I like DJ products. It's what you like using and budget. You could go absolutely mental with the about of products you can buy. I always have a clay bar, good shampoo, a polish, a few waxes or sealants and always have tyre gel!


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                              The above is only done twice or three times a year. In between it would be rinse, wash, rinse, dry and dress tyres. I sometimes add another layer or two of wax after I wash and dry depending on how smooth the paint remains.

                              Car washing/Valeting/detailing is either a love or a loath. Personally I love keeping my car pristine and have been known to wash it three times a week or so.

                              Here's the thread I had running when I had my siggy.