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Detailing needed, are you sure..?

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  • Detailing needed, are you sure..?

    Stick some pics up. Believe me it's addictive. My mate got me started as he owned his own Valeting company and I helped him out during my holidays and weekends. Since then my car is basically always clean. If it's winter and dry it will look pristine. If weathers crap the protection on the car will help it fall off and not stick....albeit still minging. However, the inside will be spotless all year.

    Buy a DA polisher and a polishing and finishing pad which will make the job much easier and less painful.

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    You need a photobucket account to post pics. Select the IMG code and paste over in full.

    You can also apply sealants and liquid waxes with the DA. Get a soft finishing pad and use DA on slowest setting. Works for me.


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      Get the "photo bucket" app.

      Copy the "IMG" code of chosen picture.

      Paste into the reply box on here.

      It's pretty straight forward, once you've??done one it's easy


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        Very nice. Did you forget tyre sheen?


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          As above once the prep is done it's easy to take care of. Did clay and polish on wife's car about 3/4 weeks ago and washed and topped up wax today. Results speak for themselves-


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            PMSL!! Old age doesn't come easy!! Cheers.