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Wax / T Cut advice

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  • Wax / T Cut advice

    Be very carefull with clay. I did mine last week used a full bottle of lube and followed the instructions to the letter.

    When i washed the car after i found that I had damaged the paint.

    Even after a coat of SRP and then a coat of wax the car looked poor in places. So I took it to the bodyshop I use. They recommended a full machine polish to sort out the damage,which I had done today.

    The car looks fantastic now,but it was a very costly mistake.

    Not to mention the six hours I spent on it!

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    Ok then Gaz. So what do you recommend?


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      It was a dulling of the laquer. It took a machine polish to put it right.

      Mind you the car looks great now not a swirl to be seen.