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  • First time detail

    Sealant then wax

    Autoglym hd wax is great but expensive. Instead I would recommend colinite 915 jus as good if not better than hd wax and half the price for a bigger pot

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    Cleanyourcar website is good. No one brand does the best everything so best to mix and match to get the results you want.

    Another tip is slow and steady wins the race. Dont buy loads of products. Use what you have and slowly build on it. If you buy everything in one go and hope you have 10hrs to do a top to botton, inside out detail you will find you run out of time in the day and will lose the love of car detailing


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      Get wax before sealant. Easier to use with visible results and will help with your detailing techniques


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        I would clay now and work on the shine, building up layers of protection over the next few months.

        Like Pete said it's all in the prep, do the hard bit now and it'll get easier......and shinier


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          Drying depends on the type of clay, I prefer to dry first then use a QD whilst claying as a lube. Also polish won't offer any protection, you'll need to use a sealant/wax or both to protect the paint and make life easier for future detailing.


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            Only use a detailer after maintenance washes to bring the shine back, you'll need to remove tar spots before claying, I use AG tar remover but I've heard WD40 does the trick.

            I waxed after polishing but have just started using a sealant prior to waxing to prolong the shine and give added protection. I guess either is ok to use.

            I didn't bother detailing until I bought the siggy and it's so addictive, my wife says I love the car more than her but I said "NO"!.........."I love you both the same"


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              Meguiars tyre gel is a must have so get that for your 3rd product


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                Try AG Rubber and Vinyl care on your tyres. Apply with a paint brush and leave to dry. I like using it but also love Meg's Tyre Endurance Gel.


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                  Meguiars gel is probs the most highly rated. And smells great. Dont spend money on a sponge applicator. Just use a value car wash sponge. Think they 50p or a quid and cut into 4 pieces


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                    If its the first time you have used clay it will take 2-2 and a half hours to do the whole car, the mitt cuts the time down to about an hour if done properly. I wouldn't dry the car before you clay it as the extra lube will help, get on the screwfix website and order muc-off shampoo and use it for the lube.
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                      I never dry the car before I clay. I use soapy water as lube and works a treat. Used to use QD but find soapy water much easier to work with.

                      Just remember to fold the clay inwards after you've done a panel.


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                        If the tar remover is free then that's good but Tardis is the best tar remover on the market. For the outside black trim I use Autofinesse revive and for the interior plastics Autofinesse spritz is very good stuff. Shampoo wise I use Wolfs white satin and at ?10.50 delivered for 1 litre its great stuff.
                        I want to go out of this world the way i came in...kicking and screaming and covered in somebody elses blood...


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                          I wouldn't bother with Tar remover if you are goin to clay. In my experience the tar spots come off with the clay bar anyway. I'd buy the tyre gel in it's place.


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                            With the EGP just put a thin film on as it can be a bugger to get off if you're over zealous with it. Any wax is the same. As thin a coat as possible to cover the paint or you'll be like Popeye when you're done.

                            If I were you I'd do the following-

                            Power rinse

                            Spray alloys with cleaner

                            Wash (two bucket method)

                            Agitate alloy cleaner


                            G3 Clay mitt

                            Power rinse

                            Wash as above and rinse

                            If it needs a proper polish this is when to do it. SRP is a filler and has no cutting power.



                            HD Wax

                            Seal alloys and put on tyre gel

                            Stand back and admire.


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                              Stand back? For me its fall back and admire as id have no energy to stand