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Megs DA power system

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  • Megs DA power system

    Piece of crap in my honest opinion. You can get a das 6 pro. Cg pads set and meg 105 and 205 compounds for ?144

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    If you going to detail do it properly or get a pro to do it once and just maintain it by 2 bucket wash clay and wax. Buying random bits hoping for a cheap way to a concours winning shine is just a waste of money.


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      700 and he using a megs da power system over 2 days? What a con. Your not going to get the same level of finish with that as you would with better tools. Im sorry but it seems like hes chatting crap. Pro detailers will have have a whole collection of machines from rotatry to DA in all different sizes. And a megs drill powered crap would be that last on their list. Also swissvax dont do a body sealant only waxes that are applied by hand not machine