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Want to Detail my Car - Check my Shopping list :)

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  • Want to Detail my Car - Check my Shopping list :)

    PoorBoys Paste for your alloys. Meguiars Hot Wheels or endurance gel for the tyres. Meguiars interior detail aswell.

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    Your list isn't too bad but you get a lot more products for the money in certain areas. Such as MF clothes in ASDA 10 quid for 30 towels. B&Q two buckets for 2 quid.

    The process you are doing isn't too bad but remember SRP will not take out any of the swirls or marring. It will hide it especially when you apply EGP over the top. Only thing is you will be repeating that process every 3rd/4th wash.

    All depends in how bad the car is? A DA will do the job much faster but I'd use some Meg's Ultimate polish to at least take some of the marks out first!

    It's all in the prep work as a good base will show better results.


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      +1 for what scotty said


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        Megs tyre gel is great stuff. And smells soooo good


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          It depends what you want to achieve. Getting rid of all swirls and marring by hand will be an extremely tough job, doable but time consuming. The SRP will hide most of the defects but won't remove them. The Meg's UP will take some of the swirls out even by hand. What colour is your car?


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            Yeah it tech grey. The only thing I'd say to you is don't spend the money if you know the results you are looking for won't be achieved. If I were you and I knew I was going to get the detailing bug then I get the most essential equipment to get the results. A power washer, DA polisher, pads and products. The whole lot will set you back approx 200 quid but the washer and DA/Pads will last you the best part of 5-10 years. If you just want to dip your toe in and see if you would enjoy doing it then the products you have will do a decent job of making the car shiney but not in the long run. It's an expensive game when you get the bug. ;-)

            Why you after new alloys? A lot of guys on here would cut their hands off to get a hold of a set of 20's.


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              Your Red looks the dogs dangly bits!!??

              Only thing I'd stay away from is the rotary polisher. It's not an osilating head so it's very easy to burn the paint. Save for a DA.

              Your list of products are excellent. I'd only swap the Poorboys SSR for Meg's UP.

              How's the back these days?


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                Ps I'm back loving AG Vinyl and Rubber Care as my tyre sheen. Works a treat on the Mini's plastics as well.


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                  Back not so good. Back to consultant on Thursday for results of MRI. On my strong pain meds for past 3 months. In a word it's gubbed.??

                  As for tar remover, it's one thing I've never bought, so I can't personally recommend any. However, from reading what others use Tardis comes up time and time again. I've always used the clay bar when it builds up after our crappy winters.

                  You'll be hoping to get into the house before this winter comes?


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                    jsr645, on 16 August 2014 - 11:39 PM, said:
                    That doesn't sound too good. Well, I hope things are ok and they can offer a better solution than ever increasingly powerful pain meds.

                    I've used Tardis before, and it was ok. I think they are much of a muchness, but that bloody DJ Tarmalade at £15 a pot was a complete waste of time and money.

                    We should be in the house pretty soon. I just need to pull my finger out and fit the 200m of skirting board (needs painting first) so we can get the carpets laid upstairs, architrave around 26 doors (both sides) and finish tiling downstairs (just another 60sqm to go!) There is loads to do (like fit 2 more bathrooms, 26 doors, decorating, landscape outside and finish the kitchen (plinths and LED lighting etc) but the main stuff is there. It's just a lack of time, money and above all else energy. It's a killer, with the baby, working full time and this build which has been going on 15 months now of constant work... I am exhausted

                    That's a hell of a lot to be doing on your own? Hope you have some trades in helping you.

                    A baby is enough work at the best of times let alone with all you've got going on. Good luck.

                    Alflie, you're going to be skint and the wax shop is going to be minted!!


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                      Im tempted to enter now. Sam didnt you spend 100+ on gtechniq too? We can do high budget (yours) vs low budget (mine) and see how it goes. You know black cars show up best. The bmw x6 at waxstock was wow!


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                        Hopefully you'll have your new alloys by then


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                          Your priority should be to prep the paint work and protect/seal. Everything else can wait.