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Bodyshop today, bye bye scratches

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  • Bodyshop today, bye bye scratches

    Well "bumblebee" is off to the bodyshop today.

    Multiple scratch repairs, front bumper, rear door, stone chips, new b post panel fitted then full mop & polish.

    Well post pics when all back and sorted.

    Looking forward to the results....

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    B post damage, not a great picture, but essentially looks loke it's been shot a few times, where the indentations are it has started to rust due to the piano black finish flaking away where the damage is.


    Next one, next door neighbours hired a skip, some git went "skip diving" and scratched the rear o/s door. I actually felt sick with rage when I got hone and saw this damage as I never normally leave the car out of the garage (tucking fypical)


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      No idea how the 1st picture damage occured, it was like it when purchased.

      2nd picture, yeah it was all sorted with the skip company who should have picked it up 2 days before the damage happened. Argumenr being if they'd have picked it up my car wouldn't be damaged now!


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        Well all back and scratch free, new side panel installed and full polish treatment.

        Just needs waxing today/tomorrow, glass cleaning amd inside hoovering and it'll all be finished.

        Just got back so a couple of pics.


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          Now all waxed, bit of a dull day or pics, nice and shiny.


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            wilco, on 26 August 2014 - 04:10 PM, said:
            That looks great, you've got to be happy with that!

            Cheers, I'm happy with it now, it's made such a difference.

            Waxed it up with some megs wax which seems easy on easy off and nice beading too.

            Anyone got any advice on quick detailer type products to keep on top of it between details?

            Is quick detailer a similair product to "demon shine" and the like?


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              Hi wilco, thanks for your reply.

              It's more for protection than looks, but if the same product can make it shiny too then all is good.

              Also, where do i get these products you've named from? Are there specialist websites/retailers out there?


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                I think my account has just wept a little, thanks for the link,??