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  • Are come on lads.. Car reflections!!??Not plants


    • Suppose i better show you mine but you can only see the reflection off the bonnet. Its always in the shade if i park on the drive.

      Off to a show/meet in leeds tomorrow morning with VX-E, Cars In The Park, first time on this one so al report back and pop some pics up.. So i added for the second time Poor Boys White Diamond, then Dodo Juice Red Mist (sealant).

      This is my new now favorite High Gloss Sealant, it gives the car a wet look. Which i really like :


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        • Spent a few hours on mine today. 2 bucket wash, revelation fallout remover. claybar, poorboys black hole and coated it with Nattys blue paste. Windows were cleaned with autoglym glass polish and topped with H2Go. I ran out of megs tyre gel so used autoglym stuff this time applied with a sponge and it worked well but thankfully my megs stuff arrived just as I finished the car (sods law eh).

          Pictures a bit poor as the light wasn't great but it's looking good in person. Nice deep shine so I'm happy


          • Lost a bit in photo Click image for larger version

Name:	Watermead 1.jpg
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            Sport Touror Elite 163



            • Click image for larger version

Name:	09931EA7-9C05-48D4-9B73-E8D220F7AD68.jpeg
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ID:	311174 Quick clean before my 5 hour trip to Devon on Tuesday


              • Safe trip MR Londonfinest.
                you will be the talk of Devon with a car that shiny!



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                  • Meant to drop this in here last week. It's all over. I win...


                    • Originally posted by Mother's Ruin View Post
                      Meant to drop this in here last week. It's all over. I win...

                      Those lights reflected in it look great, it's like a snakeskin wrap


                      • Old photo I took a couple years back. Use to spend so much time (and money) to have it looking it's best. Really need to get out and give the old girl a clean.