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  • Detailing products ordered / brought / received & collections

    Bloody hell. That's a fair collection. Mines has dwindled since owning two white cars as I'm no long having to correct as much as I did with my black insignia and wife's black MINI. I'll need to start stocking up again but this time it will be with more specific products from different brands than I've bought before.

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    I buy my buckets in B&Q, 1 quid each. ;-)

    Best MFs I've used for little money are the ASDA ones. 30 towels for 10 quid.


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      What I do need is some decent polish (med cut).


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        Scotty,tried bm products?

        Got some free (free from a dealer,yer right) but they are quite good,hard wax is one of the easiest I've used.


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          Have not. Are they BMs own make?


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            Not to sure,have read they rebrand einszett,sonax products,

            But I got a ruck?? sack full of stuff,and pretty good gear,

            Tyre shine is one of the best I've used!!


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              I'm using angel wax polish and their dark,shine wax on the sig. Also used their own glass cleaner and dash gel for the Scottish car show and got some good results. Just waiting on a wee batch of AD products to be delivered so that I can test them out


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                Alfieharley1, on 03 September 2014 - 06:46 PM, said:
                Angelwax have really good reviews. I'm really wanting to try the H2Go water windscreen repellant.

                What Autobrite goodies you got coming ?

                Today's receipt was 12 wax applicators & 2 x scratch shields

                Their H2Go is pretty good. The shop is only 3 miles from my house so its pretty dangerous for my wallet haha. Oddly enough there is recommendations not to use it on the front windscreen as it can leave it greasy but i have never had that happen to me!

                I've ordered Cherry Glaze, Berry Blast Detailer (I use Angelwax stuff for Claybarring), Tar & Glue Remover & Some new Tyre Shine

                The bug bit me about 2 years ago & now I can happily spend hours at a time cleaning the car!


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                  Last time I was in Angelwax was about 6 weeks ago, popped in for some detailer & left an hour later with all different products haha. First name terms with the boys when i go in!

                  H2Go is great on the windscreen, I have a bottle I use every month or so but there has been a few people said it left their windscreen greasy. I imagine it would do that if the windscreen wasn't cleaned properly first.


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                    I do have one somewhere, I ran it down completely because I changed from a silver to a black car so I'm just building it up again


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                      What's your truck?? Do they need anyone else to try products??! :-)