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  • Getting up early

    I use Meg's clay but have just bought "bilt hamber" clay bar for ?10 and you use soapy water as a lube which saves buying a QD. It's also the biggest block of clay I've seen on sale. I've read great reviews on it also.

    Car looks great by the way

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    Looking great. To cut down your time you don't need to dry the car after your wash and rinse cycle. And as above hot soapy water is just as an effective lube as QD. I'd also wash the car after claying it.

    But for a 1st clay virgin you've done a great job. Well done.


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      Nice Job well done. I spent a few hours claybarring and polish/wax the car. Unlike Scotty I tend not to wash after claying, we all make the choices which suit us. I do polish & Wax though.

      I do my windows with clay on the outside & then cover them in Angelwax H2Go (Rain repellant) to keep them clear.


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        A good few on here have got these mitts and have reported good results. I still prefer a clay bar.


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          I've clayed every part of my car. Just ensure you've plenty lube.


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            Andy, is there a need for the Scratch Remover? You be better adding a stage of polishing with Meg's 205 or the like. Do you have a DA? Blackhole isn't a polish, it's a glaze. It can hide minor blemishes so has fillers in it. The Natty Paste is good. That's the only thing I'd change. Everything else seems fine.

            Oh forgot. After interior is finished stand back and admire with a cold beer.