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    There is literally hundreds of different waxes out there for every colour, car, weather blah blah blah. Lots of people use Autoglym HD wax & get excellent results, I certainly did on my last car. I now use Angelwax Dark Angel (for dark cars) & get some amazing results from it.

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    Angelwax, Autobrite and various other supply companies will sell different levels of wax for different colours but Autoglyms HD wax is a good wax for all.

    Car detailing is a time consuming money pit haha but there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a car look better than i did when it left the showroom!


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      Using a sealant or wax is pretty much the same. Sealants are synthetic products where waxes tend to be more natural based. In my experience waxes last longer than sealants.


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        If your going to glaze & then wax Autobrite do a product called Cherry Glaze, amazing results on its own but pair it with a nice coat of Wax & you will get a nice deep shine.

        All waxes wear off, especially the bottom half of the car where it gets hammered with road crap. You don't need to polish again, just wash, dry and top up the wax


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          Glaze is a coating that goes on after polishing that gives a nice sheen to the paintwork, it isn't long lasting or hard wearing so you would need to top it up every couple of weeks


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            There is no reason that you couldn't just polish and glaze then leave it like that, I did say on my post previous to the one you quoted that it goes on between polish and Wax. Plenty of people don't Wax after glazing.


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              Alfieharley1, on 20 September 2014 - 11:28 AM, said:
              That is why you have to top up every month (inflicting more swirls if un careful) a wax or sealant will last longer. I wax my car 3-4 times a year max. Once every week I just do a general wash and towel dry. Every other I then apply a quick detailer.

              Okay so to some up.

              Dave is correct with what he is saying and a good base.

              A sealant will last longer then a wax. A lot of people do actually apply a sealant underneath a wax.

              With regards to waxes they all have different specialities that is why there is so many on the market. Ranging from ?10 to ?2100 (highest I have seen)

              If you want a idea of products send me a PM with what you have & car colour. (I'm thinking a dodo juice wax due to them being in small small pots at like ?7)

              I didn't say it was the most sensible way to protect your paint, just that there is no harm in doing so. I always wax my car if i polish or glaze it. Like you I wash my car weekly with a towel dry & top the wax up when it stops beading. This works for me & my car was paint tested recently & although it would probably benefit from a machine polish it really wasn't bad at all


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                It's quite handy for me that i'm friends with one of the top prestige valeters in Scotland (Steven Bryce). He is happy to take the time to show you methods & products that will work well on different paints with the added bonus that because we are mates he will do paint tests and get me products at his price