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I want to wax before the winter settled in properly

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  • I want to wax before the winter settled in properly

    Have a look on ebay for a panel pot of dodo juice wax, something like diamond white or light fantastic will be fine. 30ml for around 6 quid.

    Dont be scared to clay the car but make sure the car is wet, i never dry my car after its been washed before i clay, b@q are doing 5 litres of car shampoo for 3 quid and its great for a lube.
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    I use soapy water as lube and works just as well. Just be gentle with the clay bar and let it glide without pressure and always fold inwards.


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      As scotty said soapy water works great. Thats what i use too


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        If your scared about a clay bar get a clay mitt. I had never done it before either so I purchased a clay mitt and that was great and very easy to use


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          I use Angelwax Dark Angel Wax that is designed for darker cars. I also clay my cars twice a year, once after the summer & once after winter as was recommended by a detailer friend of mine. Once I have used the clay the car gets polished with Angelwaxes own polish & then 2 fine coats of Dark Angel. I then top the wax off every couple of months just to keep the shine. It will continue to bead without the top up but i find it keeps the shine better if used bi-monthly. I only polish the car if I have clayed it.

          You don't need to re-wash after claybarring, just wipe the surface down & then add your chosen wax/polish