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    mac2474, on Feb 27 2012, 12:47 PM, said:There was a gas leak in our road last week and the local Transco bods came and dug the pavement. A week later the leak was found and sealed. This morning the filling crew came along and used a grinder to square off the holes prior to Tarmac being laid, this caused clouds of grit and dust to billow up and cover my damp siggy????I had to leave for work so wasn't able to do anything about cleaning the car straight away. If they'd knocked the door I could have moved the car down the road????but, hey.

    What's going to be the best way of getting this carp off the paint and glass without scratching.

    I had a similar incident before I got the siggy when I had my Vec C. I went out and blasted the guy doing the cutting, told him to get his gaffer on the phone and I went ballistic at him. I told him I was going to send it to professional valeters and and he can pay and if any of the dust had got into the air vents and ended up inside the car then he would be paying for the inside valet too. Luckily the inside valet was not required though. Billed them ?18.

    It also happened at a company I used to work for when they had a flour leak and it went over the cars in the car park next door to us. Our company had to pay for cleaning of all the cars.

    Do not let these pillocks get away with it, because I'm sure if it was their car getting covered in **** they would go ballistic too!

    RANT OVER................................Whooooooah, I need to sit down now and get my breath back
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