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Snow Foam during the Hose Pipe Ban

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  • Snow Foam during the Hose Pipe Ban

    what hose pipe ban?

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    I think it's for the southern softies??

    hehe yeah southern softies


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      You can have some of our water up here. We hate it and it's chucking it down just now and I just washed the siggy. Typical!!


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        qball, on Apr 24 2012, 08:21 PM, said:Southern softies, hang on I am classed as southern....... You cheeky SOB's

        But yes we're on a hose pipe ban, but there are exemptions ie blue badge holders, oap's etc. I just take mine to the local non native car wash, ?10 in nd out. Happy day's just leaves the detailing to me??
        ?10?? its only a fiver up our way


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          jsr645, on Apr 24 2012, 08:34 PM, said:Why do blue badge holders and OAPs have exemption from washing their car with a hose pipe? I mean how is that justified?

          Seems a bit odd but the ban is on hose pipe use (not just car washing) so maybe something along the lines of being physically unable to lug heavy watering cans around the garden only a guess on my part but it kinda makes sense.


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            jsr645, on Apr 24 2012, 08:50 PM, said:I wonder if that applies to the able-looking polish people I saw parking in MK on saturday then asking a parking warden where they could park with the badge (to which he replied anywhere) as they then thanked him and walked off faster than we did.??

            That kinda thing also p****s me off big time, even worse in this case with the apparent collusion of a warden