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First time out using snow foam

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  • First time out using snow foam

    Does a great job and makes things a little easier. What Snowfoam did you use? Love the red with those 19s.

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    Where's the before picture of it minging???I bet you washed it first


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      Did it come up like that just with the snowfoam or was there a wash afterwards?


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        Looks very clean dave,,,,do you just spray on then rinse off without washing the car if you get my drift.also do you think it's actually cleaner using snowfoam??rather than just a normal wash
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          In the winter time (when I'm fit enough to wash the car) I only Snowfoam and let it dwell and run off for 15 mins then power rinse off. Don't touch it with a sponge at all. Doesn't come up pristine as I would like it too but beats putting marks on the paint! Summer time I'd Snowfoam then rinse off then mitt wash and rinse again. Plus all the other bits inbetween.


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            As Scotty said, rinse the foam off before you attack it with a bucket otherwise all you are doing is moving the loose dirt around the car and it will make swirls.

            I`ve seen people wash their alloys with the same cloth they wash the car with.......i nearly burst into tears
            I want to go out of this world the way i came in...kicking and screaming and covered in somebody elses blood...


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              georgefish, on 01 December 2014 - 10:24 PM, said:
              nothing wrong with that, end result is good! i actually decided it was necessary to remove the wheels to clean!

              I hope you don't clean them every weekend!

              That reminds me - i need a new wheel lock key..