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  • What to buy?

    Need some advice gents.

    I know what to buy detailing wise in my normal price range. E.g not too expensive. Since its my 40th soon I've got around ?100 from my in-laws to buy some good stuff!! What are my options? My only stipulation are that they are easy to use by hand Eg easy on easy off!! Waxes, sealants, polishes and wheel stuff. Not too bothered about interior stuff.



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    Cheers mate. Like the look of the Maguire's Wax, reasonably priced as well. As you say everyone has favourites, some will be cheap and some expensive!


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      Cheers gents. Think it will be a stock up on Maguires tyre gel, Maguires nxt wax, wheel cleaner and gold class shampoo. Oh and some Poorboys black hole and sealant. Plus microfibre cloths and applicator pads. No change I think!

      One question. Is Dodo purple haze better than black hole?


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        Mackem, on May 6 2012, 12:41 PM, said:The ChemicalGuys Blacklight is good, really deep shine to paintwork, look amazing. Can't comment on others though, no doubt similar results.

        Another thing, do you use or have you used clay bar before ? Well worth the effort on that one.
        I've got and use clay bar and quick detailed spray. Cheers. Not tried backlight but heard its better than black hole. Decisions decisions!!


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          Very true mate!!


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            Cheers mate. Will give it a go. Think I will have a combination attack of dark coloured waxes and sealants!


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              Went shopping online today and spent some birthday cash. List of purchases was

              1. Mags Tyre Endurance Gel

              2. Mags Gold Class Shampoo

              3. Mags NXT liquid wax

              4. Chemical Guys Glossworks Glaze

              5. Dodo Juice- Purple Haze

              6. Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel cleaner

              7. Mags even coat applicators

              8. Dodo Juice Finger wax applicator

              9. Foam polishing pads

              Hopefully it arrives by the weekend as its going to be perfect valeting weather. Bring it on!!


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                Will give them both a go! Most looking forward to using the Glossworks though!!!


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                  Cheers James. Don't know why but after washing I always seem to be left with some haze on paintwork so then apply more polish, wax, glaze to take it away. What am I doing wrong??


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                    Cheers. Seems I've been wasting wax and sealant when I don't really need to. Will give the spray ago first and see what results I get! Cheers to both of you!