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  • Alloy Wax

    Was giving the siggy a wax yesterday, and came to do the alloys I treated the alloys with Turtle wax as i was unsure how Megs High Tech wax would be on the wheels . Wanting more of a better finish don't get me wrong they do look shiney and all but i saw this :

    RimWax does it do what it says on the tin or is it aload of crock??

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    I just rub some normal sealant on and wipe off when dry. Get a great shine!


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      Cheers lads av decided to??go for the PoorBoys.


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        Too much information!!! Or not enough!!! Lol


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          Between raindrops today i have applied its first coat (Poorboys) , will apply a second, third, fourth once the rain has finished making bead effects on the car

          btw Halfords are still doing 3 for 2 on Meguires.


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            Craig VXR, on Jul 20 2012, 02:56 PM, said: I seen that when I went in yesterday and as usual I got hypnotized into buying the same things over again !

            Am running low on hot wheels, any excuse to go back on Sunday and buy more,??fixated on Meguires whats going on??!!??