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vauxhall front mudflaps

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  • vauxhall front mudflaps

    maltezer, on Jun 20 2012, 08:08 PM, said:hi

    i've just bought a pair of front mudflaps for my insignia and cant work out exactly what the paper cut out template and the tape are for.

    it seems you use the template to position the tape, fit the mudflaps then remove the this correct ???

    can't you just offer up the mudflaps ,drill the holes and insert to fixings.

    any advice would be appreciated


    Tape stays in place, it holds the mudflap to the side of the wing

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    did mine last year they went in no bother sorry cant really be much help their could always go into vx dealer and ask if they have some spare. Are you sure the mudflaps are for the insignia ?? not the Astra or Corsa??