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    Well I use Megs Quick detailer, its magic juice in my eyes, I gave my work horse my trusty Corsa Combi van a once over, it was filthy to start and with in 10mins the dash,console and door panels look spanking new, Its usually just used for the Siggy but i was interested to see if it could do a proper job and well am still impressed with it. So thats what I use. Oh and and doesnt smell.

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    Hi Dev, Thanks,??its the best Ive used yet,??i was gonna pop down this week and get some more, a will when i get a minute .??It leaves a showroom finish in your car simple spray on and spray anywhere, pretty much, it doesnt leave marks and it doesnt leave a residue after its been wiped away (use a microfibre cloth), i wouldnt call it a matt look it doesnt dry your dash out like some sprays do and it isnt shiney either, best off saying when you picked your car up for the first time from the stealers and sat in it the 1st impression of the clean plastics no dust ..... well i think they use Meguires?

    I did the van in 10mins and it was caked, i usually have the siggy done in 15mins and thats a hoover aswell.


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      Craig VXR, on Jul 26 2012, 08:50 PM, saidnly thing with spraying it on is it usually or with other ones it goes all over the window and really hard to get off !??

      Tip : Try to keep all your windows down when cleaning for the front and rear spray onto cloth before applying. although i have had it catch windows in the past and a simple wipe and its gone smear free. thats why i think this stuff is magic.

      Bought stuff from Halfords in the past their own brands and they have been rubbish, I still havnt learn't bought sat nav wipes to clean sat nav obviously, they leave scratches on the nav screen so steer clear if anyones thinking of buyin them from halfords they were priced just ?2-49, i forgot the saying 'you get what you pay for'.