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    Saturday - started giving the siggy it's first proper clean -

    wash, de-tarred, clayed, ez creme glaze, couple of coats of jetseal 109.

    just finished the windows off with meguairs glass stuff and the heavens opened up big time.

    Sunday, in between monsoon like showers managed to get the front wheels off, bilberry'd (first time used this stuff and it's bloody amazing), tar removal, several coats of poorboys.

    Monday, as Sunday but with rears off, final tidy up, drove to local car park to get piccys and it started hosing down BIG BIG time.

    Result - no pics, and I feel my 3 days work is undone already, oh bugger />

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    Get some last touch Megs. Ordered some from a recommendation from Gaz. Saves you washing it again if it's just a shower and helps with drying it off.

    F**king hate when you spend time doing thing right and it pisses down! Grrrrrhh!


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      Gaz, on 07 August 2012 - 02:10 PM, said:
      What Scotty said...

      The beauty with LT aswell is you can dilute it 1:1 with water so it lasts twice as long />

      Gave it a quick going over this morning with some Meg's QD (only thing I had to hand), will get some piccies up later B)/>