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    Just make sure you use plenty of detailing spray/lube. I've used the Megs before and its a good starter kit. Also make sure you work the clay first to make it warm and supple. Use about 5cm by 5cm flat piece and keep turning and refolding as you go. Good luck, you'll be amazed how good the paint work feels afterwards!

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    Ralph, on 13 August 2012 - 10:36 AM, said:
    Not scare moungering sorry

    Claying no mater how much lube used is still a surface being rubbed across a surface, marring is always going to occur, cant help nature sorry.

    You just need to be aware that you cant just clay then Wax or seal, it needs a polish and personally i wouldnt even think about claying if i wasnt going to at least use a DA polisher afterwards.

    Vauxhall paint is soft so will marr more then say somethign like BMW or Audi, having said that its not actually the paint your marring but the clear coat or top coat.

    Wow someone agrees with me about clay!

    I did my black Insignia some time ago and made a mess of the paint. I used loads of lube etc, but what a mess it made.

    On taking my car to a body shop, the manager said he didn't recommend clay at all. So ?80 lighter after a machine polish all was well.

    I know loads of people love it but I think its a big risk on a black car.