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Polish help! Gurus this way please--->

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  • Polish help! Gurus this way please--->

    Yep same, gave up with AutoGlym now my shelf is full of Megs. No residue, car looks shiney as anything.

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    Richie, AG SRP is very good at hiding swirls etc but will wash off easily if not sealed in. If you want to use SRP I'd go over car twice to three times with it working it in less every time then top it off with a coat of AG Extra Gloss protection.

    I've got a Carbon Flash siggy and swirls are an everyday issue. I've just bought some Megs SwirlX which doesn't hide the swirls but gets rid of them. Will be using it with a hand polishing pad with a light cutting ability!

    Have you clayed the car. He did mine last week, first time on this car and my god what a difference when applying product! Take a look at my thread 'My siggy ( if I've done it right). All results by hand. I also use Poorboys black hole and Chemical Guys Glosswork glaze if I want a really quick shine.

    Ps If you use a Quick Detailer after you work in the SRP it will take away any excess and leave the paint ready to be waxed or sealed. I use Dodo Juice Purple Haze to seal the paint work after polishing and allows the car to be washed and washed again without losing the shine.

    Hope this helps!


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      Richie, I think the reason you never noticed the excess polish on your Astra was simply because it was white!! I have a few stone chips in the front of mine which I'm about to touch in with a colour match paint??from my local spray store!

      The only polish/wax combo that I have come across is the Turtle Wax Colour Magic! Also comes with a stone chip touch up stick! It is a polish wax combo so will give you some protection. Personally I'd alway apply a top coat of wax or sealant just to lock in the work you have done.

      Having said that if your car is pretty much blemish free then you'd be better clay barring the car and applying a good quality wax or sealant!