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Snow foam?

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  • Snow foam?

    Just received my 1st snow foam lance,

    From via ebay.

    Snow foam ordered too, expected Tuesday

    Bilt-Hamber Auto-Foam Pre-Wash Cleaner - 5 Litres


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    If you want to keep your paint work scratch free don't use a bloody sponge!!! It retains dirt and spreads it across your pride and join!! I won't say anything about triple wax!! Lol


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      Bilt hammer arrived, and a second foam lance?

      Car is too clean to play with yet...


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        Mr Grumpy,

        I was only going to buy the one, then clocked it was nearly ?7 p&p, free over ?30, each was ?16.49 so hence second. Have two cars and won't need to order anymore for sometime, so that was the reason.


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          Get yourself to Louth Nick and you can test your new toy out on my filthy car!!!

          Went to York at the weekend and parked at the Queens Street NCP near the train station based on the fact that they have lockable garages overnight....??When I went back to the car on Monday morning there was bird crap all over the car and flying rats in the rafters of the garage.??

          I got a snow foam lance the other week off ebay and only used it once but was impressed with it.??Think it is going to take some fine tuning though to get the right consistency of foam.??Only downside is that it made me realise how knackered my pressure washer is so it needs to be pensioned off and replaced.??Can't complain though as it was a freebie from my old man about six years ago!!


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            Thanks, but i'll wait until i'm back at work next week, so the ST will be in need of it by next weekend.

            I am just looking at moving a power socket and water supply so the pressure washer can sit just inside the garage door, meaning I only have one hose and lance to move to wash the cars.


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              This is the one that I got mate


              Price has gone up over the summer.??I paid ?28.99 plus ?4 P&P six months ago and it looks to have gone up to ?35.99 including P&P.


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                Or for the lazy


                Decent price too


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                  It's a right old pain. You have to share it to something like e-mail. Copy and paste the link and discard the e-mail in the process. For example. I'm on the PC doing "work"


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                    Best I know of is Autosmart Actimoose. Use it 1:10 and leave for 10 mins to let it dwell and then power wash off.


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                      You two sending each other dirty text messages again?!


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