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Decent polish/wax etc especially for black cars?

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  • Decent polish/wax etc especially for black cars?

    I use a wide variety on my black siggy. The best ones I found so far are

    1. Megs SwirlX- can be applied by hand or DA and takes out swirls, holograms and light scratches

    2. Poorboys Blackhole- it's a glaze/polish/sealant and is specifically designed for dark cars. It also has fillers in it which help hide slight imperfections.

    3. Chemical Guys Glossworx Glaze-As title it's a glaze to go onto of your polish. I put it onto of the Blackhole and get brilliant results

    This was car after all three of above applied by DA

    4. Dodo Juice Purple Haze- fantastic wax for dark coloured cars and smells brilliant.

    5. AG SRP- still use this as its a great all rounder if you're in a hurry.

    6. Megs NXT Wax- gives great shine but I find it leaves car streaky!

    7. Megs Gold class Shampoo

    8. Megs Tyre Endurance Gel

    9. Billberry Alloy wheel cleaner.

    Oh forgot

    10. Turtle wax Colour Magic- Polish/wax- another all in one and very quick and easy to use.

    11. Sharpie permanent marker for your wee stone chips

    Happy Shopping. They'll be lots of other products that others use and you just need to find what works for you!

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    Gaz, you know a lot more than me on polishing etc. I've just used SwirlX on the full car and have no holograms what so ever. Took most of my swirls out.

    I'm buying a Yellow polishing pad for the next time. What polish do you suggest to get the rest out. They're not bad just annoying?


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      Ps Sharpie is brilliant to hide tiny stone chips. Quick and easy. Lots on here use them!


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        Would the lime prima do the same job?

        Would I use it on a Megs Black finishing pad or yellow polishing pad?

        From what you say, would I use 3M for correction then Dodo Juice lime for finishing?

        Can you tell I'm new to this? You'd be better just giving me a step by step guide with pads and products and be done with me!!