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  • Gardx Protection

    A decent wax and or sealant will trump it every time! But as you say its free so use it up!

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    Bumping an old thread i know. But gardx is really good. I have it on my car inside and out and i have never waxed it and water still beads nicely. Stains came off the seats easily too


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      Hi Guys

      The Gardx is really good for the car. It beads easily and keeps the paintwork shinny.

      For the windows, I found a product from Pound shop in January 2013. It works wonders since I used it on my peugeot before I changed to siggy.

      I now have it on my insignia and when it rains either lightly or heavily, everyone are going crazy with their wipers and all I do is swish once a while and it is great.

      I bought a few of it and now it is no longer available. It is called Clear View Rain Away.

      Take care.