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Which lube for boot pistons? :D

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  • Which lube for boot pistons? :D

    It's all in your mind... Anyway the question is from noticing the opening / closing of the boot (using buttons) is working fine but the movement isn't perfectly smooth, small deceleration waves.

    I have a variety of lubes over at my place... XD I've cleaned the pistons and I think I'm looking for a not too fluid but more solid grease. I have caliper lube which fits the bill(??) and a pure German transparent solid lube for fine mechanics not specifically cars. Any good?

    If so how do I apply it and will it fix the (minor) problem or is it something completely different, or normal behavior even in a factory new car. Cheers

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    The thing is , it was in your mind as well
    are you going for girth ( where it will require a trained "fanny staplier" to stitch her up)
    Length ( where you would require the services of a like minded company like dyno rod to reattach parts of her interior, because your Hampton ended up tickling her tonsels)
    The path to success is in the mind of the beholder, if you want staying power you either require a lub called "Largo "
    Or a c##k ring
    Or a copy of farmers weekly open to page 27 where there is a photo of a Jersey Freesain giving you "that look" a roll of ductape. And a pair of knickers
    Once you have motion in the ocean, you get hold of your weapon and bound it tightly with the ductape and for good measure tie the knickers round the base to stop it from going down like a lead zeppelin.
    the only thing is making love can be a Bit noisy due to the ductape chafing .or getting stuck .
    but the comments I use to get from my wife were brilliant
    Comments like " what the fu#k is that ?"
    "Why has your c##k turned silver"
    "Its stuck to my lips "

    I digress , could it be the air temperature? If your Boot is manual, then they are pre charged with gas , as the temperature drops the gas looses pressure.
    in the summer mine goes up like a teenager high on carona cream pie.
    In the winter its like a chemical toilet.
    Also if you are over a "certain age " you find there are supplements available in discreet packaging but they do ask you a lot of questions. When all you want is a solid rod !



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      It's automatic. I am looking for a lube for the car


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        Somewhere on here there's a thread on this and there's a topping up bottle for the auto tailgate.
        I'll try to pin pont it for you.