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  • Silver car cleaning

    Megs Quick exterior detailing is good, after washing the car then about to wax apply it for extra protection then wax or if you dont have time to fully wax then just apply and car looks the biz take 20mins to apply fully spray on wait 3 mins then wipe off. And Megs Quick detailer for inside use also. removes blemishes and brings plastics back to original clean dust free condition thats a must to own.

    Megs tyre gel for the new clean look or use Megs hot wheels for the wet look. I already use PoorBoys paste for the alloy protection and its really good stuff.

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    You can buy it separately!


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      its 12 pounds with out the clay


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        If you want to remove swirls I'd get a polish restorer! Something like Sonus Restore! I use this with a DA polisher and get great results! A lot of swirl remover products don't actually remove the swirls but just hide them with filler! Search for other products that restore paint rather than hide!


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          I love it when a plan comes together!! ::/> ::/> ::/>