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3 For 2 On All Car Shampoo, Polishes & Cleaners - Halfrauds

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  • 3 For 2 On All Car Shampoo, Polishes & Cleaners - Halfrauds

    Just seen that Halfrauds have got 3 for 2 on their cleaning products.??Not sure how long it is on for.??Any recommendations on what to get?!!?!?!

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    Meguiars Car tyre Gel, Quick Detailing Interior spray, and Quick Detailing exterior spray, the one where its says between washing and waxing.

    There some of the liquids i use for shining the car.

    Autoglym tyre dresser is good spray on rub off. keeps tyre wall protected too.

    If you want your alloys to keep there colour, in my opinion buy Poorboys wax apply every 3 months and the dirt wont ingrain into the alloys it'l just just wash off.


    dont buy halfords screen wipes they scratch nav screens even with light pressure, i also bought turtle wax wet tyre look.. yea looks good when its on but when you move off it goes on the alloys. no good waste of a fiver.

    Hope its of some help.


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      Cheers Russ.??I got some of the Megs tyre gel the other week and was amazed by the results.??I also got some Bilberry wheel cleaner and Poorboys wax and was again amazed by the results.??I only had time to put one coat of wax on but the alloys still looked really good.??Looking forward to a bit better weather so I can have the wheels off the car to give them a proper clean!

      I think I will give the Quick Detailing exterior spray a try aswell.

      Is the Autoglym tyre dresser similar to the tyre gel?


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        its a spray come out milky then you just rub it off, to be honest there as good as each other. easier maybe to apply with the autoglym.

        With the weather being extremely cold i just take the car for a jet wash i dont use the brush as its to harsh on the bodywork and lightly clean the alloys with the jet gun then when home use the Megs exterior quick detailer over the bodywork then wipe with a microfibre cloth. car looks the biz takes a bout an hour all in. Soak the tyres in Megs gel.