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    Yours is white?

    Shampoo- Megs Gold Class takes some beating.

    Alloys- Bilberry Alloy cleaner

    Clay- I really like Autoglym Detailing kit. Comes with Rapid Detailer, soft bar, towel and SRP.

    Polish- I've been using Souns Restore SFX 1 lately with good results

    Wax- Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax is very good or most Dodo Juice waxes!

    Sealant- Poorboys is very good

    DA polisher- DAS 6 does the job!

    Tyres- Megs tyre endurance gel

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    Gave my mates White VX line the full boona a few weeks ago with the above products all used and it can out sparkling. Dud take me 4 hours!!


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      I picked up some Megs stuff from Halfords this morning - 3 for 2 so not bad value. Won't get a chance to use it until next weekend though.


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        Daveando, on 26 May 2013 - 07:40 PM, said:
        ^^ that's dedication scotty!! ^^ I only own a couple of mer products which are good by the way. I need to up my game! ��

        Dave, that's only a small amount of the products I've got. Got a lot more specific to dark/black cars which are essential to keep them looking tip top!! Would hate to add up the cost of my stuff! Just don't tell the wife!!


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          Autoglym have good products that are very reasonably priced! I used to only use AG as that's what I was trained to use but over time I've found better stuff. Still use certain things and always go back to SRP as a fall back!


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            Surely she'll be silver in 6 months and that'll cost another ?110.. isn't that the problem?