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  • Car cleaning

    I use Bilberry wheel cleaner to clean the alloys (

    Then treat with Poorboys wheel sealant. (

    Finally Megs tyre gel to bring some life back into the look of the tyres! (

    Inside I use Megs internal detailer. (

    Not sure whether the links are the cheapest but will give you an idea of the products!

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    Blackfire tyre gel if you don't want splash back onto the car!

    I just tend to use wax or sealant from the microfibre I've been using to wax the car, on the alloys!! If you are applying wax I'd ensure the car is clay barred first to remove the crap! If you don't you end up dragging all the crap across your paint when waxing!! Defeats the purpose really!!!


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      Poorboys wax for the alloys lasts about 3 months

      Meguiars Endurance tyre gel for the tyres, lasts for a month but if you want them really shiney Megs Hot wheels but it only stays shiney for a week then goes dull. Dont use halfords own it will end up on the car.

      Megs internal detailer best yet spray on wipe off , car comes up like new can spray it on all surfaces except glass.

      Megs Gold class polish, so easy to apply spray on wipe off puts a deep gloss shine on the car i usually polish every other weekend.

      Had the car at the Hull Show last weekend and used all the products i mentioned ...... (used Megs Hot Wheels for the tyres) see the result :