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    I used to use Mer its a good wax but a lot of elbow grease involved, don't get me wrong claying is the same aptitude, but for ease of cleaning these days I prefer Megs Products, easy weekly clean. A simple warm water wash and then an application of Megs polish and for the tyres endurance gel and within 45 mins the car is showroom shine finished.

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    I use Mer products for my alloys and the do a decent job, didn't realise they'd been on the market that long.


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      So I did some cleaning today... 1. Simple warm water wash 2. Used the Megs waterless wash, but it also has wax in. 3. Megs Gold Class Deep Gloss Polish..


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        Used to be an autoglym fan but there are so many better products about now it really is falling behind. Chemical Guys, Megs ( certain products), poor boys, collinite, dodo juice, Gtechniq, Sonax etc etc. that's just scrapping the detailing surface!??Nothing ventured nothing gained. I love trying new products. For ease of applying I'm using CG Butter Wet Wax. Leaves the car very shiney and glossy! Black fire for the tyres, tyre endurance is good but you get sling back with it.

        Everyone has there own taste in products and I would never say don't use something you get results with but try other stuff and you may be a little surprised!

        The old siggy with Sonax restore polish and topped with CG Butter Wet Wax

        And the new Countryman with the same combo


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          You know the siggy looks miles better don't you Scotty?


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            Yeah, but pity it ran like **** and the VX service was utter crap! The Countryman has been in once for an air vent rattle! Car picked up, rattle fixed, washed, hoovered, inside sented (Oooooo) and delivered back to my work with a smile!