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  • question from the sticky

    George, for a black car, like mines was I'd recommend Gtechniq P1 if you have swirls to take out of the paint. I'd also recommend Prima Amigo after the polish topped off with Dodo Juice Purple haze!

    This is my car after Polish with Sonax Restore, topped with Poor boys Blackhole and then Dodo Juice Purple Haze. Prima Amigo is better the poor boys Blackhole.

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    If you do get small stone chips use a Sharpie black marker to touch them in. Works a treat until there are too many and you need a re-spray. Unfortunately no matter how much wax you put on it it won't protect against stone chips. Rain, snow and general British weather, yes, stones flying at your car on the motorway nope! If you want to protect your bumper then buy some 3M clear wrap!


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      All the products I've mentioned I have used apart from the Gtechniq P1. However, used on a Meg's yellow pad it should be perfectly fine!!


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        Is the paint chip issue not due to using water based rather than solvent based paints now, ie an environmental issue/edict, and is common across all manufacturers?